SEMINAR: Future technology is revolutionizing the Horeca industry – be ready!

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tidspunkt: tirsdag 7. feb 11:00

Foredragsholder: Gary Meehan, CEO, QiCode Inc., USA

Disruption is coming to the Horeca Industry. Old business models will soon give way to those empowered by a digital, connected world. A world where  service agencies will grow revenue not by performing more service—but less. Where manufacturers will earn loyalty to their brands more by what they do after the sale than before. And distribution will grow their business not by protecting their customer list but by sharing it instead. For the past 30 years Gary Meehan, CEO of QiCode has worked with some of Horeca's largest manufacturers, channel partners and chains. Gary will discuss the rapidly emerging trends and the impact these will have on every segment of the Horeca Industry.

Gary Meehan  

 Gary Meehan is the CEO of QiCode. QiCode is a software company dedicated to helping manufacturers, distributors, service agencies and end users gain greater control over the activity, events and costs related to foodservice equipment—before, during and after the sale. Gary has been on the leading edge of digital disruption in the foodservice industry for almost three decades. He works with leading manufacturers, distributors and service organizations around the globe to help them better understand the potential of digital and use it to build effective strategies to optimize their business.  A true innovator and visionary, Gary’s specializes in helping to simplify concepts surrounding digital and the Internet of Things so that business leaders can make better decisions surrounding this technology and optimize it for their business.

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