Young Entrepreneur Award 2015

The Young Entrepreneur Award, which was launched in 2013, is part of the joint Nor-Shipping/YoungShip effort to further develop Nor-Shipping as an arena for the next generation.

The winner Boyan Slat, founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, combines technology and entrepreneurship to tackle global issues of sustainability. After diving in Greece in 2011 and coming across more plastic bags than fish, he wondered: why can’t we clean this up? He then devised a system with an array of floating barriers catching and concentrating the debris to enable a platform to efficiently extract the plastic afterwards. In 2013, he dropped out of his aerospace engineering studies to found The Ocean Cleanup. In 2014, the concept turned out to be a technically feasible and financially viable method to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 10 years' time. Raising $2.2 million through crowdfunding, the organization was able to enter the pilot phase of the project.