For the 2015 event week, Nor-Shipping has set up a program of activities to further the connection between the Norwegian and Brazilian business communities.

Why Nor-Shipping?
For 50 years, the leading maritime event week has provided a global arena to help position the industry for the future. It offers a week packed with quality activities – an exhibition, conferences, seminars, parties, prime networking opportunities and more.

In recent years, the shipping and offshore business in Brazil has had increased visibility at Nor-Shipping, especially since 2011 when the CEO of Petrobras was a headliner at Nor-Shipping’s Agenda Offshore conference.

Why Norway?
Thanks to a long history of doing business together, a shared philosophy and approach as well as the exchange of knowledge and expertise, the oil nations of Norway and Brazil have developed strong economic relations that span numerous industries. Lately, the maritime offshore industry has been a key driver in this relationship.

Norway, home to the world’s most modern and second largest fleet of offshore vessels, is a natural location for an event that presents this growing segment with a stage to highlight and debate its issues and opportunities.

Why now?
Brazil’s recent presidential election and the formation of a new cabinet means the time is ripe for change. The spotlight will now naturally turn to Brazil’s important offshore market and its investment potential.

A Brazilian delegation at Nor-Shipping 2015 enhanced the attractiveness of the country’s market to foreign investors, presenting a clear and transparent picture of its challenges and immense opportunities.