History of Nor-Shipping

The predecessor of the Nor-Shipping trade fair was organised for the first time as Deck and Engine Room in the early 1960s by Norwegian Industrial Fairs (now Norway Trade Fairs) in cooperation with the magazine Skip.

This event stayed entirely national on the first two occasions it was staged, focusing more on Norwegian seafarers and their shipboard workplace than on wider aspects.

The international potential for a shipping exhibition in Norway was spotted by a Norwegian shipowner and magazine publisher, Per Selvig. He contacted Edvard Mowinckel-Larsen, then head of Norwegian Industrial Fairs, to propose a broader and more international focus for the next maritime exhibition.

Organised with the support of Selvig’s Norwegian Shipping News journal, the event was renamed as the first International Shipping Exhibition before it opened in Oslo during May 1965.

A slump in maritime markets in the late 1960s meant that the next exhibition was not staged until late May 1968. The Nor-Shipping name, now so familiar, was first applied for the third event in 1971. Since then, Nor-Shipping has been biennial and the 25th show will take place in the period June 2 to June 5 in 2015.