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9-39 sq.m                       NOK 1 895 per sq.m
40 sq.m and above         NOK 1 825 per sq.m

Registration fee  NOK 3 500
All prices exclusive of VAT

Bakeland (Bakery Zone)
This is a defined area for the bakery and patisserie sector.

Special rates

Local food
This is defined as food and beverage products with a local identity, distinctive origin or special qualities related to their production method, tradition or history. Players in this sector can take advantage of a special offer:

NOK 995 per sq.m excluding VAT
Registration fee NOK 1 750

Beer, wine and spirits
Exhibitors who wish can be located in the restricted zone for beer, wine and spirits. This is open only to visitors who are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

NOK 1 645 per sq.m excluding VAT
Registration fee NOK 1 750

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